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Relationships in an unfriendly unvirse

Relationships in an unfriendly universe

Some people secretly hope that their desires will be fulfilled without their active participation. But we won’t do our part; the universe won’t come to help. It promises no pie in the sky. The universal resources are available only to those who are ready to use them.

argumentative people

How not to be seduced and provoked by argumentative people

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking one has some kind of incurable behavioural problems just because you hadn’t been able to control your anger when provoked. No, that isn’t correct. Also it is incorrect to think that because of your upbringing, past experience of ill-treatment, bulling or any other traumatic experience, therefore nothing you can do to control how you respond to provocations and argumentative people

challenges of emotional fantasies

Overcoming the challenges of emotional fantasies

Every woman’s battle is not to compare their husbands to other men. I was in the process of doing that for a number of years. I compared him to my college professor — he wasn’t as intelligent; I compared him to my pastor — he wasn’t as spiritually passionate; I compared him to lots of other men — and in some way or another he didn’t measure up.


Internet affairs and fantasies will hurt you

The moral of this is that you cannot find happiness by indulging in fantasies. People have found through experiences that delusion does not build but destroy happiness. Be advised that no matter how bad your relationship is currently and how unhappy you feel about it, your chances of finding lasting happiness in the form of “someone better” are slim indeed. So it makes more sense to invest more of your time, energy, and emotions into making your current marriage better.

Have you gone too far with your fantasies?

One woman found herself very attracted to a man at her church. They had never met, but he was the kind of man women notice, and seeing him stirred her romantic imagination. She changed where she sat in church so he wasn’t in her line of vision and avoided places where she might bump into him. Eventually he moved away and she was thankful she had succeeded in never having a conversation with the handsome gentleman.

Do You Believe In Your Dreams?

The act of believing in ones dreams is the secret magic ingredient which empowers them to become real. Dreaming without believing will not make your dreams come true; they will remain at a tantalizing distance until eventually your dream will simply fade and disappear.

What women need to know about breast lift

If you are considering breast lift surgery, there are some important things about the surgery that you should know. Breast lift, as with any surgery, requires preparation and planning. Women who want a breast lift need to provide the certified Cosmetic Surgeon with a thorough medical history and status.

Self-interested behaviour in a relationship

Self-interested behaviour is a problem in most relationships; it is not unique to you. Remember the Taker’s rule?. People are tempted to do whatever makes them happy, even when it makes their spouses or partners unhappy. When people are inconsiderate they don’t feel the pain or suffering their spouse or partner feels. They feel the pleasure gained from engaging in activities that are only in their best interest.

Making a successful singles connection

If you have serious doubts about the relationship, do not fool yourself into believing that your partner will somehow magically change once you “get married” or “move in together.” If you find yourself hoping that they will become less moody, less stingy, less angry, less jealous, or more loving, you are running a big risk of being disappointed and will most likely be headed towards divorce. If the potential for change is important to you, look for this trait BEFORE you commit yourself to the relationship, not after.

Christian women’s pornographic addiction

Loneliness also is the reason Rose, a single mom, turned to porn. She didn’t go looking for it in the beginning. “I was seeking companionship. In chatting with other lonely people struggling in their marriages, I learned of some Internet sites I could visit to make friends and have fun. At first, the sexual talk in these chatrooms seemed harmless and non threatening. My loneliness and craving to feel wanted drew me into relationships I really didn’t want.”